Harry Henien

An accomplished wealth management professional with 12 years of experience in the areas of investment banking, advisory, derivatives and more. Harry Henien worked as an Executive Director in wealth management & capital market firms. In this role, he oversaw the development and execution of integrated marketing strategies, working closely with HNW and institutional across the globe. Harry Henien possesses a wealth of experience with a variety of specialist investment products, including structured products.  Henien assumes responsibility for integrating new platforms within wealth management firms.

Harry Henien received a Master’s degree in Global Management with a concentration in finance from the Regent’s Business School in London. During his time as a graduate student participated in a Global Management Simulation, where he played the part of the Head of HR for Team Exsell. Before earning his Master’s degree, Henien received a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from the American intercontinental University in London.

To supplement his work, Harry Henien acts as an advisor to businesses in the FinTech world and is pursuing a technology company focusing on the growing Influencer Marketing industry. A fluent speaker of Arabic and Armenian, Henien supports the efforts of the Back to Gurun independent film project.



The Financial Services industry can be regarded as quite old and rigid. Innovative FinTech start-ups offer the means to redefine and disrupt this universal perception. We take a look at various areas shaping this world and how start-ups manage regulatory hurdles.

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The Structured Products industry is evolving. For the greater good at least. Traditionally these products lies in its flexibility and tailored approach to investing. In their simplest form, structured products offer investors full or partial capital protection coupled with an equity linked performance and a variable degree of leverage.

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